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Square of Opposition Records: of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania will be releasing a Viking Moses cassette very soon...
Arthur Magazine's BASTET 0001: "Golden Apples of the Sun" handpicked by Devendra Banhart, including Viking Moses, Scout Niblett, Little Wings, Josephine Foster, Iron and Wine, Diane Cluck, it just doesn't stop! Bless you D!
Rebecca's Tour Diary: Rebecca made a splendid document of our travels
Envy13 Productions: published Dylan's diary of the Tiger Saw / Viking Moses tour in Ireland and England
Pitchfork Media: review of "Golden Apples of the Sun"!!!
No Love For Ned radio show: had Viking Moses in the studio for a live performance. Hear it here!

News from the road...

MARCH 11, 2004

Hey Folks! The upcoming bursts with activity! Lengthy traveling for
me as Viking Moses with Tigersaw starting in Ireland and England at
the end of March, returning for more than two months of American
dates. Some good folks have been agreeing to have us left and right, 
hats off to them! Looking forward to share some floors with some
really magnificent performers out there, expose ourselves to
strangers and friends alike, many surprises in store! The new Tiger
Saw album will be availible before its release date at these shows,
along with some new Viking Moses tour only recordings. 

Bless his heart! Devendra Banhart put together a lovely compilation
for Arthur Magazine's new BASTET Series. It will be called "Golden
Apples of the Sun" which will include a new Viking Moses song, and
songs by friends Scout Niblett, Little Wings, Josephine Foster, and
so many more! This is a limited edition which you can only obtain
directly through the link above, so best of luck to you picking one

Keep your eyes and ears open for us. We'll surely be somewhere near
you at one point or antoher, and it'd be grand to have you with us! 

-Brendon Massei

FEBRUARY 19, 2004

Okay, so the California tour was awesome! 

sat FEB  7 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA The Frog and Peach Pub 
sun FEB  8 SANTA BARBARA,   CA Buffalo Records 
mon FEB  9 LOS ANGELES,     CA Sea Level Records 
tue FEB 10 LOS ANGELES,     CA KXLU fm 
tue FEB 10 LONG BEACH,      CA Koo's 
wed FEB 11 CLAREMONT,       CA KSPC 
wed Feb 11 CLAREMONT,       CA Pomona College - Smith Campus Center
thu FEB 12 RIVERSIDE,       CA Islander Park 
fri FEB 13 BOULDER CITY,    NV Boulder Dam Hotel 
sat FEB 14 LAS VEGAS,       NV Balcony Lights 
sun FEB 15 LAS VEGAS,       NV Tramps (SPORK show!)

Spent four well visited days with Adam Lipman and my 
foster parents/mentors/dear friends the Benways in 
Venice, Calif. then drove up north with Adam to San 
Francisco and Half Moon Bay for two days. The 
California Coast was a refreshing getaway from 
Chicago's February climate. We met up with Kyle Field 
and started our tour in San Luis Obispo. Adam obliged 
me by stopping at a few 18th century Spanish Missions 
along our way. The Frog & Peach was a loud and packed 
pub show downtown. Anamude came down from SF to play, 
and we all did our thing. Little Wings was by far 
tamer-of-the-beast that night, with he's full 
outfitted band, and quickwitted freestylings. Next 
was Buffalo Records in Santa Barbara. This show was 
particularly nice because there were several small 
children attending. It was as an afternoon show on a
Sunday, so there was plenty of time to hit the town 
with some buddies after the show, and drive on after 
that. Next was my twenty-fifth birthday, and i spent 
it riding city buses all over LA with my friend Kati. 
It was a VERY EXTENDED evening that night at Sea Level 
Records in Echo Park which resulted in the ejection 
of a hammered gal. This also marked our first night 
of giving the boot to the idea of singing through 
microphones. I'll let Rebecca take it from here, 
since she paints a far superior picture...

Rebecca made a splendid document, photos and words, 
of her travels with us, Feb 10-14. I'd never heard 
her music before our shows together, but now i can 
wholeheartedly say you won't want to miss the chance 
to hear her sing and see her move. She goes by Arrive 
Magnificent, and will be doing a western coastal 
tour on her way from relocating from Vegas to 
Portland soon. 

here is the link to Rebecca's tour diary

Also, this was just brought to my attention, a nice
review of the Friday the 13th show in the basement
of the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City, Nevada...

This has been the finest series of 
road shows, i believe, i've been a part of. I bow 
my head to companions Adam, Kyle, Lee, and 
Rebecca, and to our gernerous hosts in California 
and Nevada. -Viking Moses

"...Cody [Brant of FLASPAR] called me yesterday from San Diego and told 
me that they went and ate dinner some place, and Cory Feldman walked in
with his family, well, they just kinda ignored it and went on eating and Cody
was drawing a picture. He drew a funny picture of a Dolphin getting a blow
job or a dolphon giving a blow job, something like that and they left the
restaurant. well, Cody said he thought it'd be funny to give the drawing to Cory
feldman, so Manny told Cody to sign his name and Manny went in and layed
it on the table next to them. Well, apparently the Feldman family didnt
appreciate the picture and they ran outside and tried to beat Flaspar up.
Nothing violent ended up happeneing..."

...reported by Sulayla Roe
FLASPAR is on tour now! See "shows" for their road schedule... Fri Feb 28 '03: so the show went exceedingly well. lots of poeple
showed up, and what's more, lots showed up with potluck food items, so we
all ate real well. cool breeze went on first... adam's opinion was up next...
brendon massei got up after him and did some real murder ballad kind of
stuff, big story arcs that go through seven songs with returning themes and
everything, with a limited dynamic range, but powerful dynamics (only loud or
soft, no middle ground). it was great... oh yeah, thanks all my friends who
came out, it made me really psyched. everyone who missed it, i'm planning
another house show in a month or so maybe?  
--Jacob Berendez, Worcester, Mass. 
Spenking, Spencer Kingman, has songs to sing, and songs to share. His
songs are heartwarming, feel-good-about-yourself-when-you-hear-them,
even though some of the time you may not understand all the lyrics. Perfect
randomness like 'take great care to color your hair for the vampires'. Along
with all those good lyrics and vocal harmonies comes great fingerpicking, with
the capo. If anyone has the chance to hear Spencer tell his stories you should
do so. Amen. 
--Cody Brant, Las Vegas, Nevada
Brendon Massei is a true gentleman who has been composing his shadowy
folk-rock tunes since he was just a little'n. He's gone from electric guitar to
banjo to mandolin and back again, always recording when and where he can.
It's a crime that he's not famous...YET!
Spencer Kingman is the modest man behind Dead Dorks. His ultra-catchy
songs of politics and growing up in Las Vegas are beautifully backed with a
lone acoustic guitar. Spencer's music has been called the best thing since the
--Rhonda Turnbough, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2003

Alright, and no fucking around! By way of trains, 
buses, and stolen cars, we're spreading Gospel 
through the Eastern Seaboard! Congregations are 
FREE OF CHARGE and welcome with open arms 
friend and stranger, alike! Kind Folks are opening the 
doors to their Houses to have us all gather to eat, 
speak, drink and sing TOGETHER, on one floor, under 
the same light! Friends, Strangers, we'd like to see you 
all, but it's so hard to reach you all! Friends, Supporters, 
join hands, and help broaden our path! Post this 
message on your Bulletin Boards! Relay a message or 
two! There are so many Strangers out there, and we 
long for them, and YOU, Friends!
--Viking Moses! Chicago, Illinois, October 27, 2003